We are here…wir sind hier!


Our trip over here to Germany was long. It took two flights to get here. On the first plane, it took about fourteen hours and I watched about three and a half movies, but I didn’t have much sleep. I had two dinners!!!!!!

On the second plane, it took about six and a half hours. We had one breakfast, I watched about two movies and I still didn’t have much sleep!!!!!!

We arrived here in Germany a few weeks ago and we have been busy getting to know lots of places close by. We are living in Essen at the moment, in a suburb called Bredeney. We will soon be moving to a small village called Herdecke, near Dortmund. Both places are on the Ruhr River.

We have been to so many places that I can’t tell you all about them in my first post. But I can mention some for you. We have been to Dusseldorf on the Rhine river, this was a bigger and busier city, with lots of lights.

We have been to Winterberg – which was awesome! We went on the adventure bridge which has climbing challenges waaaaayy up in the air and there is a really long slide that goes reeaally fast. It’s called the Panorama Erlerbnis Brücke. We will go skiing there in winter.


Our apartment is right next to really big forests, which we walk to on the way to the river or to the shops. We have a large lake near us called BaldeneySee and a beach next to it. Ask Mathilda how to say it properly.

I will be starting Grundshcule (primary school) in about 2 weeks, here in Bredeney. Then in about 4 weeks we move to Herdecke and I will start at my new school there.

There are many more photos to come, and more blog posts, but for now here are some of Dusseldorf, Winterberg and the forests in Bredeney, Essen.

Hope you are all well – talk soon!


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