My birthday (the first in Germany)

Hi everyone!!! Sorry for not posting for so long. I have been very busy with my new school and learning German. I have had so many holidays and lots of fun here in Germany.

When we first arrived in Venice in the morning
It was my birthday!!!! As you may remember, my birthday is on ANZAC day and we get a holiday in Australia, but in Germany we don’t. As we are in Europe, Papa said we can go anywhere in Europe for my birthday. I said that I wanted to go to Venice. It was so much fun!!! We went on a gondola ride and bought lovely masks. We also ate lots of ice cream and yummy Italian food.



The drive to Venice from where we live in Germany is so long that papa arranged for us to stay in Munich for a night in our lovely friend’s house. Papa knows him from Melbourne. He is a German man who lived in Australia for 22 years and studied with papa.


a beautiful lake close to our friends in Munich 

The drive to Munich was about six hours and we went very fast on autobahns. We left straight after school to hurry off to Munich. It was late when we got to have dinner (it was about 8.30pm).

We had dinner together in a nice restaurant until around ten o’clock. After a late night to bed, we got up early to have breakfast with our friends, we then set of to Italy at about 10 am.

We drove through Austria and the famous Brenner Pass to get to a small town called Campo San Martino. This is right near Padova – and where we stayed with Italian friends of mama and papa. Their house was old, but Dante has his own successful business making parquetry floors so the floors are really pretty. They have relatives living in Melbourne. Mama and Papa had a lot of fun speaking Italian with them.

I’ve got to go now – it’s bed time. I will write soon about the fun ski trips in Germany, Switzerland and in Austria that we had over the winter.

I miss you all and I hope you go well at school. Please let me know if you want to talk on skype soon or email me – that would be fun.

Bis bald!  (see you soon)


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